Although on the other hand you get a true friend who will love you only for what you are

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Although on the other hand you get a true friend who will love you only for what you are

Agree, meeting a girl on the beach, it turns out, is not so difficult. All you need is a little confidence, positive and a little humor. Do not despair if the first acquaintance does not take place! Develop, improve! And. who knows where you will meet your sweet and only one!

Men, attention! This article is for you! (girls absolutely do not read!) The topic is how to make an acquaintance with a girl on the beach.

Winter has given way to spring and the question “How to meet a girl on the beach?” On the eve of summer, guys and girls are preparing for new acquaintances. This is not necessarily a sea beach or an exotic resort. There are beaches in almost every city and even in small ones. settlements. Girls have their own preparation for the beach season, guys have their own – pump up muscles, remove excess fat, buy fashion accessories. Don’t forget your hair. Well, if you take care of your fingernails and toenails, you will have to move in shales or barefoot, it’s ugly to leave traces of uncut claws on your feet in the sand. Remember your posture – stooped people cause nothing but a feeling of pity .. But don’t overdo it with your appearance, you don’t go to a casting at a modeling agency (although on the beach, in general, it’s also a kind of casting – girls choose guys, guys choose girls ..) Don’t forget about sunscreen – meeting a hottie and falling off after dinner with burnt skin that doesn’t allow you to come on a first date will be a shame.

Purpose of dating

Acquaintance with a girl on the beach should begin in the same way as any important business – with setting a goal and preparing for its implementation. What do you want from dating? Light flirting, sex for a couple of times, long-term, but not very burdensome relationships or major changes in your life with a new passion, up to marriage? Your choice of the one to which you will approach will depend on this. Will you meet with friends or alone? If in a company, invite cheerful friends who are ready to actively spend time, and not “nerds”, for whom reading scientific articles in the shade is the best entertainment. Pack everything you need in a bag – except for a towel, sunblock and a mini-fridge with drinks (God forbid you bring alcohol with you, it’s not for meeting a new girlfriend!) grab a shovel for building sandcastles (if the beach is sandy), a volleyball, Frisbee is all about showing your new friend your openness, cheerfulness and sociability. Do not forget your camera (smartphone). You’re not going to lie belly up on a lounger and fight off the crowds of beauties attacking you, shocked by your beauty and figure? You will have to move around in search of a girl yourself and you need to be prepared for any surprise (this is what all the things mentioned are needed for).

Who will help?

Getting to know a girl on the beach will make it easier for your dog if you have one and if you take him with you. Well, if it’s some fluffy little thing, like a chihuahua. Or a Pomeranian in general (“Oh, what a eeeeee! What is her name? Can I pet her?” .. well, and in that spirit). But if something in between (like likes) is also good. Here, with a dog or with a Newfoundland, it’s not worth it to tumble onto the beach for sure.

Tip: If you already have a dog, that’s great! But if you want to get her, just so that there are extra chances to meet another friend, remember that it may not work out with a new girl, or your romance will not last long, but the dog will definitely stay with you for several years . .

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