On the Big Banana, the two flirt a lot

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On the Big Banana, the two flirt a lot

When Njord visits and talks about his feet, Magnus thinks about Alex’s feet. That night, when he dreams, he dreams of Alex being kicked out by her father and Magnus wants to protect her, and Alex also wakes him up. Later, Magnus, Alex, and T.J go to York to fight the giants, and Magnus and Alex talk about Alex’s heritage and Magnus tells them that he admires her, confusing Alex. Later, Magnus heals Alex and sees that one of her memories is looking at Magnus, confusing Magnus.

The Big Banana goes through Niflheim later, and Magnus and Alex cuddle together while walking, while Alex talks about happy memories together, and Magnus notes how skinny she is and how he wants her to eat more. Alex then surprises Magnus by kissing him on the lips, telling him that she wanted to do that before they died. Alex doesn’t mention it later, confusing Magnus.

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The next day, they go to meet Loki, and Magnus almost goes into Helheim, but Alex holds his hand and comforts him, telling him that he can’t go see them, and that she saw her dead grandfather and friend. Sam is very happy with them holding hands, and Magnus says that he can hear Sam smiling. At the flyting with Loki, Magnus tells Loki the happy memories that he had with Alex, and that their kiss was the best thing that ever happened to him. Alex later tells Magnus that she needs time to think before she can be Magnus’ significant other.

At Vigridr, Magnus gets sad when thinking about how Alex will die there. When they get back to Valhalla, Magnus, shirtless, sees Alex and Alex (male) tells him about Eid, and tells him that he is thinking about his declaration of love. Before Magnus can say anything, Alex kisses him on the lips and tells him that he’s still thinking about it, and to go take a shower. Alex hums Frank Sinatra when he leaves. Magnus thinks about how he just kissed a dude, but immediately thinks that he kissed Alex, and that he is great with that.

On the Fourth of July, the two hold hands on the roof of the Chase Mansion, and Alex says that this is nice, and Magnus agrees.

In 9 from the Nine Worlds, Alex sees Halfborn and Mallory making out, and Alex notes that seeing them makes him almost miss Magnus.


Alex first meets Halfborn in cheetah form running down the hallways of Valhalla. Alex threw a vase at Halfborn and insulted him when he and the others visited his room. Halfborn is angry about it, and calls him a meinfretr to Magnus, the Norse equivalent of cheese fart. Halfborn complimented the vase he threw at him later to Magnus, saying that it was beautiful and how he made good quality stuff. Halfborn is aware that Alex is genderfluid and makes jokes about it when Magnus sees that Alex has shirts and dresses and wondering if he had a sister. Halfborn meets Alex again and he formally introduced himself, saying he won’t kill him unless he has to. Halfborn later thinks that Alex was a spy for Loki, and that he can’t trust an argr (a term that means unmanly) in combat, and that argrs aren’t warriors, angering Mallory. Halfborn also teased Magnus for staring at Alex, saying that there is no shame in being attracted.

The two later sat on a roof together, with Alex chaperoning Sam and Amir, and Halfborn chaperoning Alex

Later in the book, Halfborn and Alex became friends, with Alex killing him in battle and getting him back at lunch. The two trash talked each other, with Halfborn calling him an argr and Alex punching him back. Alex also lectured him about the term argr many times while Magnus was gone.

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