Justice Lederer saw enough bad ballots to smell a rat and thus made his Judgement

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Justice Lederer saw enough bad ballots to smell a rat and thus made his Judgement

The whole Riding should have been scrutinized and would have been with a honest Government. But Steve had engineered the theft of the Opitz seat and the entire election. Why would he investigate himself? With a ton US oil cartel money in his jeans and the best dishonest lawyers he could buy Harper pulled a swifty on Canadians and the Supreme Court. The Justices never saw the ambush coming. Although I believe the Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin, also smelled a rat. But by then she was in the boiling pot with the rest of the frogs. This is the approach that Harper [ who is mental ] takes with almost everything.

Push the right wing agenda until the public rebels. Show me the bodies he says. When there are enough bodies the voters will finally get upset, until then Steve continues to push. Mike Harris did it in Ontario with Walkerton. Harper did it with the Listeriosis crisis and the now the outbreak of E-Coli. In both cases once some meat was found to be tainted the plants of Maple Leaf and XL Foods should have been shuttered instantly. In the case of Listeriosis this delay killed people. I got sick. Harris, McCain, Harper and Ritz should have been charged with manslaughter. Having done research on the vote stealing by the Republicans in the USA , especially in California ,shows they shave a few here and a few there.

It is totally dishonest but so Straussian. In tight races it makes a difference who wins and who loses. Canada’s present election laws were written by honourable men and women. I am sure that not one of them could have envisaged a time when US oil money would be poured into this Country to buy the very souls of weak Canadians like Art Hamilton. Losers who are prepared to sell us down the river in order to serve Fuhrer. He hired Yankee thugs who used loopholes in our election laws to create more support for himself than he actually got. In Canada about 15% of the population is hard right. Many of this number are Americans who came to this Country either legit or illegitimately.

But in both cases meat was shipped for another 3 weeks

Like Tom Flanagan, my favourite US draft dodger and Ted Morton [ another Repub trouble maker who we can do without ]. The right wing agenda hasn’t a hope in hell of gaining the support of a majority of voters in Canada. So it stands to reason the only way open to gain power is to lie and cheat as Harper, Manning, Flanagan and Morton etc have done and are doing. That is exactly what Leo Strauss [ a student of Nietzsche ] was teaching in the 1950s / 60s at the University of Chicago, lie or cheat he said to defeat the existing US democratic society from within. The Republicans loved Leo’s message. The Nietzsche Cult was formed 100 years ago in the US by H.

Herr Harper is spending $ 16 million of our money doing advertising in this quarter

L. Mencken who cash now Iowa was a wimp. Many wimpish Canadians have joined over the years. Where can a wimp like Steve go in Canada. You can’t spend your whole life licking stamps at Imperial Oil. This to boost the fascist message. You have got to realize that Steve doesn’t have one real man in his Government. He wouldn’t permit someone being around to challenge him, much like Hitler. In fact some of Harper’s women have more balls than the men MPs. Consider. Joe Oliver? Peter Kent? Tony Clement? Jason Kenny? Rob Anders? Dean Del Mastro? Doug Finley? Mike Duffy? Men? Real Men with spines? No these are worms. In fact many on Harper’s front bench do not have women in their lives.

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